Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm sorry, i'm late..

First I want to appologize, because i had to writte this blog post almost 2 months ago.. But time is flying.
If you were scared, don't worry I arrived well in France.
I had to do so many things in a short period of time. Directly from the airport when i arrived in Paris I had to jump in the car of my father and go in Belgium to sign some papers for school and start to look for a flat. So the 1st of September I made 3 country in less than 10 hours.. Sportiv arrival.
After I had a week and half to see my family and my friends. After 10 months out of the country just one week and half it's not so much, trust me. But was perfect like that i didn't had time to be sad I was feeling really strange to be at home, so if i will not had staff to do I would have been in depress. But everything is ok i didn't had even one minute for me. But even if it was short it was really great to see my family be with my friends, however it was strange in my mind.
So after this week and half I had to moove in Belgium for my studies. I found a flat 2 days before entering at school, was a little bit hot time. But I manage this with success and in a peacfull way (thanks my evs).
Since that i'm at school and i'm really enjoying to study again, i discover that i love learn. I discover an other me at school, i never had been like that in university. Thats so cool to be well where you are. I made a good integration in Belgium even if they don't like French (like all the country in europe no ? ).
I keep in me beautifull memories of my year in Romania, if i will have to do it again, i would do it.
I was thinking its bullshit that you can change so much in just 10 months. But it's true i'm so much better in my head and in what i am doing now.
So if you are reading this blog post and you hesitate to make an EVS, stop to think and do it.
I guess it's the last time i'm writting on this blog, maybe i would come back in the future.
If not thanks and take care.
La revedere !

Monday, July 6, 2015

Let's start summer !

Oho more than one month i didn't writte an article, bad copii !

The ast time i wrotte it was about our midterm training, let me tell you what happened since that !
So we said goodbye to our childrens from the differents places where we were going. Was a strange feeling to realized that, this part of our project is over.. But now let start SUMMER !
My flatmates had been in a training in Borzont for an outdoor training. Unfortunately was not possible for me to participate with them. I had to go in Belgium for make inscriptions in an university for the next year. Like that now my brain is totally free to just think about the 2 last month of my EVS.
My brother came during one week end was really great to spend time with him and to show him my life here in Baia Mare. I think he enjoyed to be here.
We also said goodbye to some of our friends.. who ended their project. Was hard, but just after we said HELLO to 14 new volunteers, who will spend this two month with us. Big help and energy for the summer camps. This week end was there first week end here, so we bring them saturday afternoon in Lacul albastru which is more green than blue at the moment. We had a great time,
swiming and jumping in this lac.
So now i think we know better each other we are ready to start to work together !
Let's go !
                                                                               (it was good weather .. Just you can't see it on this picture)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Training, fun and sun

Hola everybody, since long time i didn't wrotte something about my/our adventures in Romania. But i'm here now !

So after this coaching training we came back in our working routine. Was ok but a little bit strange after all this agitation during training. We had time for rest a see ou friends.
This week we came back from mid term training in Busteni near Predeal where we made our on arrival training. It's a really good place in the mountain. We had lot of fun and we met lot of new
peoples really cool. Me i enjoyed much more the free time than the training curse during the day. I didn't found that really usefull but anyway my principal motivation for this ttraining was to met peoples. So it's perfect. On the way back we visited Peles castel in Sinaia we had a good weather so it was perfect. We also stoped in Brasov really beautiful city, where i met again new peoples who host us. We came back in Baia Mare on saturday morning after a long funny trip. Yesterday on Sunday we really enjoyed to spend time outoor because the weather is so good, perfect sun without cloud.

And today we restart our daily activities but slowly because i think it's kind a  free day today.
Allé Allé hoppopop See you later !

Monday, April 27, 2015

Adventures, new peoples and lot of fun !!

Pfiouuu since long time i didn't write in my blog ! But i'm back peoples !!
I hope spring also start for you also. Today first day in sandales woop woop !
So this lasts weeks were really intense.

Two weeks ago i was in Belgrad for meet with a friend from France during three days. It was very funny and good to see her. After that i came back in Baia Mare for an "intervention" in a highschool in Cavnic around tolerance and multiculturality. Oups i forgot to tell you we also welcomed a new volonteer, Lucas from France (from my city). I met him first time here in Romania.
So for him this "intervention" in Cavnic was his first experience in school.

After that all together we jumped in the preparations for the Coaching training who started in 16th April and ended in 26 April.    (This pictures is for support our Armenian friends in 24.04 on memory of the genocide.)
This training was an amazing experience, we met so much peoples. We also learned a lot about coaching. We started with theorical parts in first days. But after we made outdoor activities for put in application what we learned. It was amazing and really good to enjoy the frsh air.
Yesterday we said goodbye to our new friends, and with the promises to meet again each other in this world !
So now came back to our routines, came back to our schools, full of energy and motivation from our experience.
Pupicii !!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Childrens, departures and fun .

Buna Ziua !

Last week was a really good week because of the weather. It was like summer, one day we had +28°c. On Monday we had an interview with Maramures TV, they asked us about workshops and our life in Romania. After I had my workshop with peoples who were there we created a song, it was really funny.
On Thuesday we went in Hungarian-school there we drew with childrens stars for after sing with them "Twinkle, twinkle little star" they enjoyed a lot to sing and they get really fast the lyrics of the song. On Orla's workshop we painted our pinyata so soon our flat will be a museum of pinyata.
On Thursday I went for the first time in Cavnic, it's a little bit far from Baia Mare but the childrens, the teacher and the school are amazing. There we made a story telling in 3 team. Each team with one of us. After by team they came in front of everybody for play there story.
On Friday we went in Copalnic there they made a surprise for Tazo who is leaving soon. After we made some games with the childrens. After we went in Teachers room for eat and drink a little bit.
On Saturday a friend from France arrived in Baia Mare for few days, it's a really cool to have some visitor. We also made a very good party for Tazo's departure. And also excellent dinner with georgian khinkali (we made it it was an hard learning process) and lot of others things.
On Sunday we went in old center for a forum theater in Romanian it was a little bit like a romanian lesson for us.
And today is raining and Tazo, Orla and my friend we leave soon it will be a sad week.
Ok gata ! See you next week for news adventures.

Monday, March 23, 2015

st patrick, passeport and fun !

Servus everybody !

 On Monday it was my workshop we played the " Time's up"game and also we made an activity around confidence.
Thuesday it was Orla's workshop around St Patrick it was really good.
Last week we went on Wednesday in Kindergarten and there we assisted to a lesson around the number, for the childrens. We just sing a song with them between two activities. It was also Sopo's workshop around cultures, it was also good and intrusting.
On Thursday we wentin Hungarian school there we also made an activity around St Patrick we asked them to color some shamrock who is the symbol of St Patrick. They were really dynamic so the activity takes all the hour.
My project partners went in the afternoon in a new school in Cavnic an other country side in the mountains. Unfortunately I was not able to go because I had to take bus in Baia Mare to Bucharest. Fianlly my passeport is ready !!! So I went and came back the "same" day. I went Thuesday 5:00pm and I arrived back in Baia Mare Friday at 11:00pm. It was lot of hours of bus (24), the bus was full all the time, so not too much place. But I did it, now i'm really happy. And what I like most is they put like adress my romanian adress so during 10 years i will have my romanian adress on my passeport.
Saturday we celebrate the victory of Georgian in front of Romanian in rugby. But we also celebrate the defeat of Romanian. We had a really good dinner and also a really good night out.
Sunday like a sunday we did nothing but it was good to rest a little bit.
Today we are writting blog but we also wait for interview. You will know more about it next week !
Have a good time this week and see you on next monday.
Pupicii !

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sun, parents and birthday !

Hello Hello !

Last week was really good, because of the weather but also we were in a good mood.
On Monday I had my first workshop about improvisation theater it was a little bit hard but we did the activities outdoor for enjoy the good weather. 
On Thuesday we were in Roma-center there we made games outdoor, running, jumping with childrens was funy.
On Wednesday we went in Kindergarten, there we asked the childrens to make card for there mum. Because in Romania it was Mother Day on Sunday 8 March. They draw lovely card it was good.
On Thursday in Hungarian school we made again an activity for mum but this time we were making flowers with napkins. It was a little bit hard to manage it with glue but finally we found lot of solution and they enjoy a lot.
On Friday we were in Copalnic, like all the time we enjoyed a lot. We made one game about draw peoples in front of you and they teach us one song in Romanian and us we teach them one song in our own languages. It was really funny.
And also my fater and my step mother arrived in Romania this same day. It was so good to see them here. They are still there and they will leave tomorrow.
This week end was Tazo's birthday so we celebrate that with "dignity". It was intense to mix party during the night and visit with my prents during the day. But I did it.
Today new workshop!
Next week for news adventures!